Bob Uecker Net Worth


What is Bob Uecker's Net Worth?

Bob Uecker is worth $10 million as a retired MLB player, sportscaster, comedian, and actor from the United States. Since 1971, Bob Uecker has provided the radio play-by-play for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Early Life

A lifelong admirer of the sport, Robert George Uecker was born on January 26, 1934, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and spent most of his childhood at Borchert Field, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers' minor league team. After developing into a formidable athlete, he earned a professional deal with the Milwaukee Braves, the team of his birth. On April 13, 1962, he made his debut in the Major League. Throughout his career, he caught for the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Philadelphia Phillies. Although his offensive skills were below average, he was a solid defensive catcher who made few mistakes in the majors. In 1967, while playing for the Atlanta Braves, he played his last game in the Major Leagues.


Bob Uecker retired from playing in 1971 and went to work for the Milwaukee Brewers radio broadcasting team in his hometown. He also spent a lot of time in the broadcast booth, helping ABC and NBC call Major League Baseball games on television in the 1970s and 1980s, respectively. Uecker was WISN's Brewers local color commentator for the 1982 World Series. He has become famous for shouting "Get up! Get up! Get outta here! Gone!" after a home run by a Brewers player.


Uecker's expertise is not limited to baseball; he has hosted two syndicated television shows, "Bob Uecker's Wacky World of Sports" and "Bob Uecker's War of the Stars," over the course of his career. He has also made guest appearances on popular TV shows like "Mr. Belvedere," "Who's the Boss," "D.C. Follies," and "LateLine," and has starred in a number of commercials. In the "Major League" films, he stood out as the broadcaster for the Cleveland Indians.

Honors & Accolades

As of 2001, Bob Uecker is a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame. In addition, the Baseball Hall of Fame honored him with the Ford C. Frick Award in 2003 for his "major contributions to baseball." He has been immortalized in both the Milwaukee Brewers Wall of Honor and the American Family Field Walk of Fame.


For his work as a Brewers announcer, Bob earns an estimated $2 million per year. During the 2019 season, it was revealed that Bob had received 100% of the Brewers' playoff bonus money from the previous season. Uecker split the total of $123,000 among many organizations, including the Boys & Girls Club of Milwaukee, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Personal Life

Leeann, Steve, Sue Ann, and Bob Uecker Jr. were the offspring of Bob and Joyce Uecker's marriage. In 1976, Uecker wed his second wife, Judy, in Louisiana. Separation from each other occurred in 2001.


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